Spring make up ft. Orange lips

19 Mar 2014

Topshop Infrared £8

Spring is literally round the corner and I for one am thrilled with the current pastel/muted neon trend that is happening at the moment so I thought I would jump on the band wagon and dig out one of my favourite bright lipsticks - Infrared by Topshop.
I bought this lipstick way back in summer 2012 when orange lips were really 'in' and absolutely loved it at the time but time passed, I moved on to other things and unfortunately I forgot all about it. That was until recently when I've been spotting more and more people talking about how orange lips are a 'thing' again, yay!

Infrared is a very true orange lipstick although I would say that it has quite pink undertones, its not a red orange as the name would suggest. I like to wear this lipstick sheered out when I feel like a more natural look or full on for a night out and it looks stunning both ways. I think this sort of colour is less harsh and much more flattering than a bold red lip which, I feel, can be a little bit too much for day time wear.
 I think this colour really compliments my skin tone and colouring but I feel it could work just as well with darker or paler skin tones also.
 I can foresee Infrared being my top spring/summer lipstick this year and I am definitely on the hunt for more orange lip products to try!

(P.s- The mark on my face on the 1st pic is the shadow of my camera, I don't just have a brown smudge on my face!)

My Top Five... Soap and Glory products

14 Mar 2014

Well hello there everyone!
Today I am comin' atcha with my top 5 Soap and Glory products. Top 5 body products to be precise as I have yet to try a single item the make up selection at Soap and Glory... I know *shock/horror*
Despite this I am, in fact, a huge fan of the brand and own far too many of their products that are slowly filling up my bathroom at the moment. I would love to talk about all the products I own because I do genuinely love everything I have tried so far but I thought I would try and narrow it down to 5 of my absolute favourites! 

1. Sugar Crush Body wash 
Around this time last year I saw a lot of people raving about this body wash on blogs and You tube  and I did get a bit sick of hearing how 'amazing' it smelt, (I don't know if it's just me that gets put off a product if I hear too much hype?) But anyway in December it was 3 for 2 in Boots and so I caved and picked a bottle up with some gifts I was buying and oh god, it really does smell incredible. To me it reminds me of Mojito's but with out the mint, It's citrusy, and sugary sweet so I can see how some people don't like it so much but I love it. As well as the 'amazing' smell it also is lovely to use in the shower it foams up really good and makes my skin feel soft. The only problem I have with this shower gel is that the smell doesn't last long after you've left the shower.

2. Scrub Actually 
I got this scrub as a Christmas gift and apart from the fact its named after my all time favourite film the scrub is pretty good too. Again I have to mention the obvious but this smells so good, its made up mostly of sugar and smells almost edible, it definitely isn't though. The scrub isn't actually that abrasive if you are looking for something a bit more heavy duty that is gonna really scrub off some skin then I wouldn't recommend this product but for regular skin smoothing use this is perfect, it is an oil based scrub that is quite dry when you first apply but once you start scrubbing on damp skin the sugar beads dissolve turning the liquid into an oil which is actually really moisturising and leaves my skin feeling really soft.
3. The daily smooth body butter 
This stuff is arguably my favourite product out of all these products I have mentioned. It is an amazing body butter which leaves my skin feeling amazing and the smell is by far my favourite Soap and Glory scent, I can't really put my finger on the exact scent but some of the ingredients include rose hip seed oil and cocoa butter. The product is a thick, white cream that really softens up my dry skin, I like to use this everyday on damp skin after a shower to lock in the softness. If you're into your body products I would definitely recommend you give this one a try.
4. Hand food
The best hand cream I've ever used. I could just leave it there because it really is that good, I've gone through several tubes of stuff and usually always have at least 2 in circulation at any one time. It is a definite must have for winter months and those of us with particularly dry hands.
5. The Righteous Butter
This is an old favourite of mine, I tried it out again before bed last night and I remembered why I love it so much, I have woken up with the softest skin, the smell is lovely also as you would expect with every Soap and Glory product. I can't fault this product at all I have a small size I got in a Christmas set but I fully intend to snap up a full sized bottle once I've finished.

Whats your favourite product from Soap and Glory?

Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water

8 Mar 2014

Oh hey there!
I haven't done this in a while, in fact, this is my first blog post of 2014 written on the 8th March, oops! Considering it was one of my new years resolutions to blog It's not been the best start has it.
But anyway I'm back to tell you about something I've been loving recently - the new Micellar cleansing water from Garnier.
I never really got into the 'Bioderma' craze a year or so ago, a glorified water I had to pay through the nose for didn't really appeal to me at the time and so I continued with my other cleansers I was happy enough using.

(Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water - £4.99)
 That was until this particular Garnier offering caught my eye as I was browsing Superdrug back in December. Firstly the bottle is a ginormous 400 ML and for just £4.99 it claims to equate to 200 uses and I would agree with this I have been using the same bottle daily since late December and I'm only now nearing the bottom.

The micellar water is fragrance free, hypoallergenic and suitable for 'even sensitive skin' all things that appeal to me in skincare as I do suffer from sensitive skin from time to time.
 I have to say that after using this for 3 months now this is one of the most gentle feeling cleansers I have ever used on my skin, it hasn't broke me out at all and It is even gentle on the eyes (providing you don't use loads in that area) and it removes make up with minimal effort.
I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for something new in their skincare routine, its affordable and actually works.

Have you tried this product yet?