The Christmas tag!!

12 Dec 2013


Like most people I'm sure, Christmas is my absolute favourite time of the year. I think because I live far away from home its extra exciting just to be able to go home for a few weeks and spend time with my family and friends. I thought I would do the Christmas tag today as I am feeling that extra bit festive!

1. Whats Your Favorite Holiday Movie? 
Oh I have so many- The Grinch, Love actually, Elf. I think my favourite Christmas film of all time has to be 'The Santa clause' with Tim Allen. My sister and I have watched this film every year since we were tiny and still love it now. It just brings back really happy memories for me and it is definitely a Christmas tradition in our house.

  2. What Are Your Favorite Christmas Colours?
I think it would be the classics red, green, gold and silver.

3. Do You Like To Stay in Your PJ's Or Dress Up For Christmas? 
Dress up. I do a lot of family visiting on Christmas day so I do have to get out of the onesie for a bit and into something relatively fancy. I don't actually mind, I really enjoy getting all dressed up for Christmas and buying a new lovely outfit for the day!

 4. If You Could Only Buy One Person a Present This Year Who Would It Be?
Probably my mum, or a big joint one for everyone in my family, if I were allowed to cheat.

5. Do You Open Your Presents Christmas Eve Or Christmas Morning? 
Christmas morning!! Opening your presents on Christmas eve is just plain wrong!

6. Have You Ever Built a Ginger Bread House? 
 No, I really don't think I have the patience to deal with something so fiddly.

7. What Do You Like To Do On Your Christmas Break? 
 I don't have much of a Christmas break this year as I'm staying in Carlisle (where i go to uni) working until the 22nd and then travelling home that evening, however, I am so looking forward to just spending time at home with my family and doing festive things and just chilling out, I haven't actually been home in over 3 months!

8. Any Christmas Wishes?
  Just to have a nice, peaceful, happy Christmas and for everyone around me to have the same and get everything they asked for.

9. Favorite Christmas Smell?
Anything spicy, cinnamon and apple scents and of course, Christmas lunch cooking!  

10. Favorite Christmas Meal Or Treat?
Christmas lunch! Chocolate! and the cheese board and crackers... ohh the cheese board <3

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