Daily Diary.

27 Nov 2016

My favourite time of the year is now officially upon us, With only three days of November left I believe it is now totally acceptable to crack out the Christmas jumpers and unapologetically play Christmas songs at every possible opportunity. This weekend I took a trip to the Manchester Christmas markets for a spot of Christmas fun and thought I would share a few pictures with you. Mooching around the stalls with a hot chocolate and a crepe is one of my favourite things to do this year and is bound to make me feel utterly festive. The markets are jam packed with everything you could think of from confectionery, hot food and trinkets to all the alcohol you could ever imagine, I highly recommend the hot chocolate with Amaretto. Unfortunately, the only downside for me would be the amount of people there all trying to navigate their way from stall to stall, this often can prevent you from being able to stop and have a proper look at whats to offer. However, this cannot be helped and is to be expected in a busy city like Manchester. What I thought was a real let down was the lack of music played around the stalls I think this could have really boosted the atmosphere.   
If you are looking to get in the Christmas spirit or just stuff your face with some fantastic food and drink from around the world I would definitely recommend the Manchester markets they are on now running up until the 20th December.