Review // Sleek blush by 3 - Pink Lemonade

6 Aug 2014

Sleek blush by 3 in Pink Lemonade £9.99 (Link)

I'm a sucker for a pretty pink blush, so a cute set containing three pretty pink blushes was bound to catch my eye. Sleek blush by 3 in Pink lemonade has been in my possession for a good few months now but it has never really made it's way into my everyday routine but however I've been pulling it out lately and really loving the results!
  I've been a  fan of sleek for a couple of years now every product I've tried from them I have been really impressed with. My two stand out products have to be their shadows and blushes - the colours and pigmentation are some of the best on the high street and their prices are unbeatable for the quality of products in my opinion.
Pink Lemonade is a trio of pink hued blushes - two powder and one cream offering the first being Pink mint, my personal favourite in the palette, a soft baby pink with a golden shimmer that gives a beautiful highlighting glow to the cheeks - perfect for when your skin is looking a little more lackluster than usual.
Macaroon is a mid toned cream blush, I have to say I don't really use cream blushes, I find them quite difficult to work with and much more of a 'faf' to apply when compared to powder blush, nevertheless Macaroon is a pretty colour - a lot rosier in comparison with the other two in the palette and the consistency is really creamy and sets like a powder if you like cream blush this one is a really nice one!
Icing sugar is the more coral of the 3 colours, like pink mint there is a golden shimmer running through this blush giving that beautiful glow to the skin - I think this colour would look gorgeous with a tan, like the rest of the blushes Icing sugar is very pigmented, for everyday I like to layer this on top of pink mint for a hint of colour without going overboard.
I am really enjoying using this palette at the moment, I would recommend this to any blush lover like myself and I will be definitely checking more of these Sleek palettes out in the future!


  1. This palette looks beautiful! I need to try it.

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    1. Yes, just followed your blog lovely :) xx

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