Back to reality.

27 Sep 2013

Today is a glorious day, today I am writing my first blog post on my laptop in my new house! Yesterday, after 3 long, dull weeks we finally had broadband installed in our house, I couldn't have been happier. There was a problem with the previous tenants contract meaning it took an absolute age for our internet to be installed, but hurrah, we are finally connected and all is right with the world again.

Due to this I have been severely lacking in the blogging department, I have actually really missed it. Blogging is my favourite little past time and my little sanctuary to escape to when life gets on top of me so to be without it for 3 weeks wasn't ideal. My timetable for 3rd year is looking pretty damn empty at the moment so fingers crossed I can start blogging and getting back into the community a whole lot more now!

A few random pictures of what I have been up to for the past few weeks.

 Finally got my nose pierced again after wanting to for over a year!

 Bargain spangly midi skirt- £8 Primark
 My 3rd (and final) Freshers bar tour! :'(
 I made my own bath bomb!
 Latest addiction.
...More cocktails >_<

Recent purchases

9 Sep 2013

Hey guys! 
Sorry, again, for not posting for a while. I've moved back to university and my new house doesn't have broadband yet (sigh) it's been a week now and I'm already having Internet withdrawal symptoms! For the next few weeks I will unfortunately be blogging from my trusty iPhone, so do excuse the quality of the next few posts...

Aside from moaning about the internet, i actually managed to step out of the house and have been shopping a fair bit recently so I thought I would share some of my purchases with you! 

L-R, Primark, Riverisland, Primark, New look coat, Primark scarf.

L-R, Newlook heels, Primark, Primark 

Cambridge satchel knockoff from a boutique in Newcastle. 

L'oreal caresse in Rock 'N Mauve, La Roche posay effaclar duo (post to follow) 

I hope this post wasn't too boring, it's difficult working without Internet. I feel totally out of the loop without It. I've come to realise I not only need it but I rely on it for soooo many things everyday. Total first world problems! 

Hope you're all having a wonderful day :)