An Introduction.

14 Jun 2013

So, this is it! My first ever blog post.

I think I should start by introducing myself; I'm Jess, I am an all singing all dancing, beauty & fashion obsessed 21 year old student currently residing in the north west of England! 

(A very snazzy shot of me took by one of my friends)

I guess the main reason for me starting up this little corner of the internet is because of how much I enjoy reading blogs myself, I've had to desire to start my own for a long time but finally I decided to bite the bullet and just go for it!
This blog is basically a free space for me to play around with and channel my creativity, document life happenings and basically have a bit of a ramble, I am super excited to get stuck in!  

Anyway, I think that's enough from me for now... 

Jess x


  1. Welcome to the blogging world lovely!
    I hope you enjoy being part of it and I'm looking forward to seeing where you take your blog.
    I hope you're well and look forward to speaking to you soon,
    Laura xx

  2. I just recently began blogging too! I wish you all the best x

  3. All the best for your blogging journey
    Look forward to seeing you around and reading more posts

    Carrieanne x