Friday Favorite #1: Body shop white musk perfume

28 Jun 2013

Hey everyone!
The Friday favorite is going to be a little feature here on my blog where each Friday I will write up a post about something I have been loving recently, it really could be anything from an eye shadow, a pair of jeans or an app! :)
The body shop white musk 30ML Eau De Parfum £13.00 (Link)

As a woman always on the hunt for a new perfume to add to my collection I've surprisingly always overlooked the body shop fragrances, despite being a huge fan of a lot of their other products. All that changed when I browsing my local branch one day I stumbled across the white musk collection, more specifically the white musk perfume, a best seller at The Body Shop.
From the first spritz of this perfume I was sold, the scent is a light, creamy, clean, fresh scent, perfect for day time wear in my opinion. As a person who doesn't like sweet, sickly, girly fragrances this was right up my street. I also really like the packaging, the bottle is clear but fades into lilac colour at the bottom, it's also small enough to fit comfortably in your handbag!
 I decided to purchase the eau de parfum, as I do in all fragrances because the scent is usually stronger and lasts longer on the skin, however I have to say the longevity of this fragrance isn't that great and I do find myself having to reapply throughout the day. 
If I had to explain to somebody what I look for in a fragrance then I would instantly point them in the direction of this perfume. I don't know what it is about white musk that appeals so much to me but I just cannot get enough!

While this perfume might not be to everybody's taste and can come over a bit 'grannyish' for those of you that prefer sweeter scents but If you are like me and tend to go for fresh, grown up scents then I would definitely recommend giving it a test next time you're in a Body shop   

Have you tried any of the white musk products or any other fragrances from the Body Shop?

Jess x

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