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19 Nov 2013

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A few tips for people thinking of getting piercings in the future! I'm no expert but I thought this may help someone out there!

1. Do your research!
Finding a decent piercing shop is one of the most important things to do when planning a piercing. You want to find somewhere clean, reliable and with a good reputation. If you can find someone to personally recommend a shop to you then even better! Usually you can tell from a shop weather or not they are at a high enough standard but if in doubt there are always Internet reviews!

2. Think of the future!
The thing I love about piercings are the fact they are an expression of your 'individuality' but aren't permanent like, say a tattoo. However, while you are able to simply remove a piercing if you don't like it be prepared that they sometimes can leave scars I for example have had my nose pierced a twice and the first time I had it done and was left with a scar its not massively noticeable but I do notice it, this is something you have to think will you be able to live with it? The same can happen with any other sort of facial piercing.

3. Jobs!
As I said before piercings are easy to get done and they are just as easy to take out, most companies these days are not as strict with body modification policies as they used to be however a hell of a lot of places do still judge people based on tattoos and piercings. If you are employed by a company its probably a good idea to research their policies on piercings, similarly when you are going for job interviews I would advise to double check with them first before getting a piercing or discussing their policies if you already have one.

4. Aftercare
Once you have your piercing its so important to look after it correctly, it is incredibly easy to get an infection especially with facial piercings. The most obvious way to protect your piercing is to clean it with a cotton bud and warm salty water or surgical spirit (although I would recommended the water as its more gentle) I did this twice a day or when necessary to remove blood etc. Another tip is to not mess with the jewelry too much, twisting and messing with it will irritate the wound especially in the early stages of the healing process not only this if you are twisting a ring in your ear, nose, lip etc you are getting bacteria into the wound making you more susceptible to an infection.

Just some side notes:- Piercings can take anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks to fully heal however this can vary on the placement, I would recommend not changing your jewelry for at least 4 weeks. You can usually tell when a piercing is healed, it will become less sore and swollen.
If you experience bleeding after you've been pierced don't worry this is completely normal, I've had a few piercings and all of them have been completely different, If you are still bleeding a week or so later then maybe consult the person who gave you the piercing for some advice.

I hope I have covered everything there, as I said I am not an expert on piercings but I am just talking from my own experience!


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  2. Thankyou, I hope it was helpful! :) x