Halloween '13

1 Nov 2013

Halloween has to be one of my favourite occasions of the year, I think I just wish it was socially acceptable to dress up in costumes and crazy make up every single day... must be the *actor* in me talking.
 My costume and make up this year was a bit last minute, I was supposed to be going out but decided against it due to lack of funds and what not, however one of my friends decided to have a little get together at her house which actually turned out to be so much better! 
Costume wise I had to improvise with what I could find laying around my room, In the end I think I ended up somewhere between a witch/ vampire with out the fangs. I used the eye shadow colours Creep, Gunmetal and Virgin from the Urban Decay naked palette on my eyes and blended them in a winged effect right up above the crease and underneath the eye  and then added a shimmery red/cranberry colour from the Sleek storm palette along the edges to soften the lines and add more dimension. For my face I used my usual foundation (Rimmel wake me up) but just packed on the matte powder- white face paint would probably have created a better effect. With a matte black eye shadow I contoured my cheek bones to make them appear razor sharp and filled in my brows with the same colour I added liquid liner to my eyes and then drew a little spider on my forehead for some detail. I think a black or purple lipstick would have looked awesome with this look but the only dark colour I could find was my MAC lipstick in Dark side which didn't look to bad in the end. 

For my hair I parted it in the middle and pinned the two front bits back with bull dog clips and then back combed the rest of my hair to make it massive, I used batiste dry shampoo as a substitute for coloured hair spray to create the aged effect on the front of my hair! 
The party ended up being so much fun and probably better than a night out, we played games, Bobbed for apples and watched Hocus Pocus - Perfect Halloween in my opinion.

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