September Favourites.

30 Sep 2015

Hello everyone!

I don't usually ever have enough new products each month for these posts to be a regular thing here on my blog but since I haven't shared any favourites for a long ol' while I thought I would give you a peak at what I have been into this month...

MAC mineralize skinfinish in Lightscapade £24 (Link) - I'll be honest I have been loving this product for a long long time now and not just in September but I thought I should show it some love on my blog as this has now taken the place of my beloved Soft & Gentle MSF and that is high praise indeed. Both are beautiful but I think Lightscapade is way more flattering on my skintone, it is a very pale gold powder with veins of blue, pink and yellow running through it. It gives my skin that dreamy dewy, wet look and while it is a little on the glittery side, I love it!

Real Techniques miricle complexion sponge £5.99 (Link) - This sponge has really become my makeup saviour in the past few weeks, they're popping up everywhere at the moment and I can see why. Before the birth of the beauty blender makeup sponges were those gross little triangle things that we all used to use when we were young, now I cannot apply concealer without this thing. blending is now a dream, If you haven't tried one you must!

Maybelline The nudes palette £9.99 (Link) I've recently been getting into wearing eyeshadow a lot more than usual so decided to get this palette to experiment with and have been using it everyday since there are a lot of really wearable shades in this palette and it has a nice mix of shimmers and mattes which can be used to create a number of different looks from neutral to smokey. I will say the formula is a little powdery and not incredibly pigmented by for the price and the amount of shadows  I think its definitely worth it.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron £24.99 (Link) - This serum has been my skin saviour this month I have been suffering from very dry spotty skin recently (delightful) and this stuff has really put some life into my skin, its a serum that is supposed to be able to hold 1000 times its own weight in water which I think means it basically drinks up any moisture you put on your face. I've been enjoying using and while I don't know if its worth the money I do think it has helped my skin.

Elegant touch nails £6-£7.00 (Link) - This month for me has been all about nails, I've always struggled to grow my own nails and keep them looking polished and never really been into getting them done at a salon so I decided to give stick on nails a go. The elegant touch nails are definitely my favourites as there are so may styles and shapes you can pick any you like stick them on and your good to go - perfect for any other low maintenance girls like myself. 

Beyonce Heat perfume 100ml £12.95 (Link) - Perfume is definitely my favourite of all beauty items and something I love to splurge on every now and again - this particular one has been in my collection for quite a long time but I have only just realised how much I actually love it. Celebrity perfumes are always a bit hit and miss for me there usually overly sickly sweet aimed at 12 year olds but this Beyonce one is sexy, sophisticated and perfect for day and night wear. its very rich and has a lovely mix of floral scents and sweetness. I'm actually now almost finished with this bottle and will definitely be buying again especially as the price is so low even for the largest bottle. 

Have you tried any of the products I've mentioned here?

Thanks for stopping by! x

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