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21 Sep 2015

Firstly, please excuse the ultra filtered photo of my face, secondly welcome back to my blog! I think I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that no matter how much I promise I will post more regularly I'm just not organised enough to actually follow through with it but hey, I'm trying!
However, I am back today with a post and its a very exciting one indeed, well for me, you probably don't care but just look at the pretty lipstick oooh.
Yes, I have been to MAC (again) and this time I treated myself to the new matte lipstick in stone. Stone has been released in the new MAC matte lip collection and is described as a 'muted greyish taupe brown' on the website, muted is definitely the key word here while the idea of a true brown grey lipstick sounds totally unwearable, the matte formula and muted colours make this actually a really pretty and flattering lip colour I've been wearing this a lot lately and feel it makes the perfect alternative to the ever popular 'berry lip' that does the rounds this time of year.
I will definitely be investing in more of these new matte releases as it is truly the only formula I like in lipsticks!
Although stone lipstick is out of stock on the website atm stone lipliner is a good alternative and is currently in stock (and cheaper) Win!

Jess x

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