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20 Jul 2014

Dolce & Gabbana pour femme 50ml: £61.50 (Link)
Michael Kors sexy Amber 30ml: £37.50 (Link)
The body shop Madagascan vanilla flower fragrance mist: £7.50 (Link)
Hey guys!
When it comes to beauty if  there is one thing that excites me most - it is fragrance, I think its just that little bit more luxurious than spending money on make up. For a long time I would just stick to a few firm favourites and never try anything new, I can't tell you how many bottles of Marc Jacobs Daisy or Chloe, I've been through over the years. It was only after I started working on a perfume counter and had unlimited access to pretty much every fragrance on the market that I started to discover new some new favourites. I've rounded up my top 3 fragrances of the moment and why I am loving them.

Dolce and Gabbana are on top of their game when it comes to fashion but they also have some of the most popular fragrances on the market at the moment, one being 'pour femme'. The original pour femme fragrance was the first from the brand launched in 1992 and re promoted in 2012 in new packaging and with a slightly new scent, with top notes of tangerine, raspberry and neroli, middle notes include jasmine and orange blossom all resting over the base notes of marshmallow, sandalwood and vanilla. The scent, as you may be able to guess, is quite sweet while still being floral - I am not usually a fan of overly sweet or floral scents, I find them quite sickly and overpowering, this scent however is neither. I would say it is quite age universal not too young or too mature, it is the perfect smell for someone like me who enjoys feminine, sexy scents that are easy to wear and appropriate for everyday and evening. I always purchase the eau de parfum versions of perfumes, it is always worth paying a little bit more for the extra wear time. This particular perfume has a really good lasting power in my opinion it can last anywhere between 4-8+ hours on me. 

Michael kors sexy Amber is part of the Michael Kors collection, before starting work at the counter I didn't actually realise Michael Kors had their own fragrance collection, they are a relatively new release (2013) but I just don't think there has been enough advertisement for them meaning they were always pushed to the bottom of the counters where the other not so popular fragrances went. I discovered this perfume on one of my quests for something to wear on shift and fell in love, with notes of amber, white flowers and sandelwood, sexy amber is a warming, deep, woody fragrance that is a lot more mature than anything else I have, but definitely not verging on 'old lady' mature. I find the wear time to be really good for this particular perfume, again I have the eau de parfum version so and find that I can smell it on my clothes days after I have worn it.  The packaging is really nice and looks sophisticated on my dressing table, it is also the same packaging as Michael Kors makeup collection with corresponds with the names of the scents in this collection. 

This little guy from The Body Shop is the newest addition to my fragrance collection, I have always loved The Body Shop for there perfumes I have spoke here before about my love for the white musk perfume - one of my all time faves. There are tons and tons of perfumes to choose from in this collection but being a huge vanilla fan I went for this one and I absolutely love it I don't know what It is that I like so much but the smell is a perfect mixture of sweet and floral but not overpowering either way, however, if you aren't a fan of vanilla I would recommend you steer clear of this one as  . A negative for me would be the wear time for this perfume isn't great, it is marketed as a fragrance mist because of this they don't last very long at all once you spray the smell has usually all but disappeared within about an hour, because of this I usually chuck it in my handbag and use it to freshen up on the go the packaging is quite bulky so that can be annoying but this problem is easily solved with a travelo.

Do you have any perfume reccomedations for me, let me know I always like to try new things!


  1. I'd love to try the Michael Kors scent, I've only tested the one with jasmine and that's amazing too :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  2. Go and test it out, it's gorgeous :) x