Catching up.

6 Jul 2014

Recording the soundtrack for my friends original musical. Beautiful Carlisle. Ice cream. 3 years in a photo collage. Sayin' goodbye to good old 62.  Lunch by the river in Chester. Graduation ball. Classic English summer.

  • I've been seriously neglecting this blog so badly over the past few months, I even missed my 1st year blog anniversary last month!! I think I've always had big plans for this blog but they have never come to fruition and if I'm honest my heart just wasn't in it enough to bother with posting regularly. I'm feeling really inspired to blog again recently I love writing my thoughts on this page and really miss it when I don't! I'm hopefully getting myself a DSLR camera for my birthday in August and with that I'm planning to start posting better photos and outfit snaps - something I have wanted to incorporate on here from the beginning. I'm hoping it'll make my blog feel a lot more personal and unique to me!

  • I have finally finished university, Hallelujah! I can't quite believe I actually managed to get through 3 years there, I've come a long way from the girl in first year who was planning on dropping out in the summer. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed uni and made some amazing friends and memories but I am definitely happy it's over with, I think I'm just ready to do other things with my life!  I got my final grades this week too and I found out I will be graduating in November with a 2:2, I won't lie I am a little bit gutted that I didn't get a 2:1 as I was on target to but I didn't get the grades I expected in my last 2 modules and it pulled me down (boo). Even though I know a 2:2 isn't a terrible grade I think it will always annoy me that I could/ should have done better.

  •  In other news, this week I also bagged myself my first ever full time job! I'm so chuffed and I didn't actually expect to get it at all after a really crappy 2 weeks this cheered me right up. It is not the most exciting job ever (admin) but it should be fine for me right now as I'm planning on working and saving up to go travelling hopefully sometime next year, exciting!

  • I have a new twitter account dedicated to this blog! I've only ever used Twitter from my personal account but never felt comfortable posting things about my blog on there, so I decided to make a new one I will tweet new posts and update all things blog related over there. If you wanna be a babe and give me a follow I would really appreciate it as I have no followers on there at the moment *sadface* you can follow me HERE.

Hope you have all had a fabulous weekend!

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