MAC Alluring Aquatic Collection// Extra Dimension Bronzing powder

29 Apr 2014

 Ahhhh just look at that packaging <3
I can't believe that in the last couple of years I have been buying from Mac cosmetics I've never got round to purchasing anything from a limited edition collection, I think there is something about the words limited edition that makes you want something even more than usual, the fact it may be gone soon and you may never get your hands on it is a really good way to make people part with there cash faster, I know it works on me!
I was browsing the MAC website last week looking for some new goodies I could get my hands on, since I'm on a bit of a make up binge this month, when I noticed the new summer collection had been released and oh boy, I was excited. Obviously the first thing that peaked my interest in this collection was the stunning packaging, the usual sleek black packaging has been replaced by a beautiful turquoise shell with 3 dimensional water droplets on the exterior, I can't be sure but I think this is the first MAC collection to have 3D packaging and I have to say it is rather impressive! 

There was actually a lot to choose from in the collection which includes a gorgeous array of lipsticks, shadows, bronzers and blushes all reminiscent of colours from the ocean.
I could have bought so much from this collection including both the beautiful extra dimension blushes available which I might have to get my mitts on soon.
 I decided to play it cool and pick up the extra dimension bronzers from the line. there were two to choose from; Aphrodite's shell described as 'a golden bronze with a touch of shimmer' and Delphic 'a soft brick tan with a touch of fine shimmer'. After umming and ahhing for a while I decided to go for Delphic because the swatch on the website looked more suitable for my fair skin. I have to say that the swatches on the website for this collection can be a little hit and miss in my opinion, I have watched a few videos of people swatching other things from the collection since buying this product and have noticed something are noticeably different from the swatch and description on the MAC site, I suppose that is always the downfall with buying online, I would definitely recommend getting to a MAC store or doing a lot of  research before buying online! It is a lot of money to spend on something you are not sure is right for you colouring.
Now onto the product - when I first saw the name of this product I was instantly excited by the 'Extra Dimension' part, I remembered back to the extra dimension skin finishes that were out a while back now, I think that made me wonder if this was going to be like that but in bronzer form, soft and gentle is my favourite bronzy highlighter after all, it sounded perfect!
 I have to say when this arrived on my doorstep I was a little underwhelmed, while the packaging and the design on the product look incredible I don't understand why this is described as extra dimension, while there is a small amount of shimmer in the pan it doesn't really translate on the skin very much and is essentially just a nice albeit, average bronzer. I would say the finish is satin, it is not shimmery but not matte either. While I don't think it would be a good contour colour it's great for adding definition and warmth to the face.

Delphic is quite a dark brown colour and I think in hindsight it could  be considered a little too dark on my fair skin tone. I can get away with this when I'm tanned but I think if you are very pale I would stay away from this shade as it can very easily look a bit orange from looking at other online swatches I think Aphrodite's shell would suit lighter skin and this bronzer would look lovely on darker skin tones.

All in all I do actually really like this bronzer as with the majority of MAC products the quality is excellent and when used with a light hand it does a good job at warming up my face and giving me some definition which is all I can ask from a bronzer. I definitely do not regret buying it at all and I will be using it, the packing is well worth the extra few pounds you pay for this product in my opinion. 

If you're a big MAC fan or just love collecting the new collection releases then I recommend checking this one out, there are some beautiful products to choose from and I think everyone will find something they love!

I hope this was helpful :)

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