Spring make up ft. Orange lips

19 Mar 2014

Topshop Infrared £8

Spring is literally round the corner and I for one am thrilled with the current pastel/muted neon trend that is happening at the moment so I thought I would jump on the band wagon and dig out one of my favourite bright lipsticks - Infrared by Topshop.
I bought this lipstick way back in summer 2012 when orange lips were really 'in' and absolutely loved it at the time but time passed, I moved on to other things and unfortunately I forgot all about it. That was until recently when I've been spotting more and more people talking about how orange lips are a 'thing' again, yay!

Infrared is a very true orange lipstick although I would say that it has quite pink undertones, its not a red orange as the name would suggest. I like to wear this lipstick sheered out when I feel like a more natural look or full on for a night out and it looks stunning both ways. I think this sort of colour is less harsh and much more flattering than a bold red lip which, I feel, can be a little bit too much for day time wear.
 I think this colour really compliments my skin tone and colouring but I feel it could work just as well with darker or paler skin tones also.
 I can foresee Infrared being my top spring/summer lipstick this year and I am definitely on the hunt for more orange lip products to try!

(P.s- The mark on my face on the 1st pic is the shadow of my camera, I don't just have a brown smudge on my face!)

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