MAC Lipstick Review // Lovelorn

1 May 2014

If you haven't already guessed, by my recent influx of posts, I have been on a wee bit of a spending spree recently. There are a few legit reasons for this, I promise. wWith my America trip being put on hold until next year and doing my finals at uni I have been trying to cheer myself up a bit and unfortunately that means doing some major damage to my bank balance, oops. 

I've really been getting back into MAC recently after feeling a bit *meh* with it all for a long time, I now find myself scouring there website a couple of times a week and I have made a few sneaky purchases over the past few weeks too! 
One of my latest additions to my MAC lipstick collection is Lovelorn an emotive blue pink. Lovelorn is a lustre finish and applies quite a sheer wash of glossy colour to the lips that can be built up to a really nice muted pink. I have quite pigmented lips and I find that this covers the colour and looks really lovely for everyday use, the overall finish is creamy without being overly glossy and sticky looking. 
This has been my go to everyday lipstick since I bought it, it finishes my makeup perfectly without being too much for work or school.

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  1. i love this shade it's so pretty isn't it? It is the nicest everyday shade. Just found your blog and followed :)