12 Jul 2013

Hey guys!
So it's been a little quite on the blogging front this week, you may have gathered that I have been on holiday! Although I did schedule some posts to go up while I was away, they didn't publish for some reason and to add to my frustration my phone has some sort of international block on it so I couldn't use it for blogging or anything during the whole time I was out of the country!  
However, I am back and despite everything I am feeling very relaxed and refreshed. I think I am going to post about my trip away at some point this weekend although I kind of neglected my camera while I was there. I'll say it was because I was way too busy but in reality, i'm just really really lazy. Oops.
In other news i'm toying with the idea of posting some snaps of holiday outfits I put together while on my hols, I didn't manage to get any while I was away (again, so lazy) but I thought it might be nice to do some posts on what I wore on holiday or maybe how I style summer wardrobe staples etc? Who knows. I've wanted to introduce more fashion related stuff on this blog, so maybe this is a good place to start...

Jess x

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