Quick Review: 17 High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner

22 Jul 2013

I have always been a liquid liner kinda girl, over the past 5 or 6 years I've been using liners I've dabbled with them all gel, kohl etc, but I always seem to be revert back the brush-free, fuss-free liquid eyeliner camp! I am not particularly loyal to any certain brand when it comes to my eyeliner, I'm always on the hunt for something to blow me away.
I decided to pick up this 17 High drama intense liquid eyeliner a couple of weeks ago, I haven't tried a lot from the 17 range but what I have tried, I've been pleasantly surprised with. I think this is a new release from the brand so I was intrigued to give it a whirl.
I'll start with application, the nib is quite a stiff, precise pointed tip it can be a little tough to apply at first and I did find that it picks up quite a lot of product which can be messy if you don't take care, once you get the hang of it though, it works well in my opinion.The colour pay off it really good, it claims in the name to be 'intense' and I would agree it's a very pigmented black liner that dries black too! Hurrah, no more grey liner!
 The 17 eyeliner claims to hold for up to 25 hours and while I'm not too sure about this, I do think it lasts a decent amount of time on the eyes and doesn't budge throughout the day. I even wore this liner when I was performing in a show at the weekend and even with the ridiculous heat of the theatre and the studio lights, it stayed put all night!
Anyone looking for an affordable, good quality liquid eyeliner then definitely try this out!

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