Portugal 2013

15 Jul 2013

So last week I took a little last minute break and headed off to the beautiful Algarve region of Portugal. I had such a lovely relaxing time, this was actually my second visit there and I would highly recommend the town Albufeira to anyone! The weather is gorgeous, the people are always friendly and the nightlife is great! What more could you want?!
 I didn't manage to take that many photos but here are the best ones of the bunch!

1. Weird mini knife and panini. 2. Pretty spa house at hotel. 3. Hotel room. Veiw from room. Little cat I made friends with. Fave necklace + sunburn combo. Best strawberry daiquiri ever. Being vain. Sea view. Looking terrible but tanned. Beach. Pretty poolside. Parrot show. Welcome to Portugal. Car. Airport. Flying home! :(

If any of you are interested I've put a couple of items up on my eBay, if you fancy having a look click here

Jess x


  1. last minute holidays are the best, especially when they're hot holidays :) x